Mission / 

Provide access to mentor-ship and career support to all women [regardless of how they identify] and mend the “leaky pipeline” in the professional world.

About us / 

Mounting evidence shows that women are reaching for education, promotions, and impact just as often as their male counterparts, if not more. However, the disparity in pay and representation at executive level ranks persists. Advocates speak out across sectors but nothing has been created to help solve the “leaky pipeline” that has been limiting women from reaching their seat at the table.  


In an ideal world, we would all have mentors [AND sponsors] in our places of work. Men and women would be paid equally for equal work completed. Men would not feel the fear of perception when considering to mentor or sponsor a female they supervise and vise versa. But, real talk, the world is far from ideal.


At trapdoor, we believe we can all reach higher TOGETHER -- so why not act on it?


Access to mentors has proven to accelerate career growth but since women do not always have access to one for various reasons, trapdoor seeks to solve that need as a professional mentoring community.


A mentor-ship is a relationship based on trust, so we wanted to create something that allows members to ask questions in a “trusted,” anonymous and private environment. Aware of “trolling” - the replies will not be anonymous and provide insight into the respondents background

[ie. LinkedIn headlines]. Members can vote in support of responses or report negative or unwelcome [see: racist, sexist, etc..] comments. Trapdoor negates the “social media fake phenomenon” because no one knows who is asking the questions. Moreover, how the asker is perceived doesn’t matter [no reason to try to seem happy/smart/strong etc] - it is a safe place to inquire and a place to learn that whatever you are going through,

you are NOT alone.